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Joseph S D Yao jsdy at
Fri Nov 5 18:58:36 UTC 1999

>     Can you upgrade a resolver independent of the OS? We are
> running SCO univel 1.1 which is an early version of sys5r4. 
> Where would I find the source for the latest resolver?
> -john
> Many Thanks!

In the latest BIND distribution (8.2.2) on

Depends on whether it's using shared libraries or not.  I didn't track
SCO Univel - at the time, Novell using Unix was just a curiosity.  ;-)
Check your Systems Administration document set.

You could try reducing your search list.  Do you really need all your
parent domains?  Don't Web links and such usually use FQDNs if they use
a host name at all?

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