Problem with BIND 8.2.2 NOTIFY

Russell Senior seniorr at
Fri Nov 5 08:35:54 UTC 1999

>>>>> "Markus" == Markus Stumpf <maex-bind-users at Space.Net> writes:

Markus> Also, even if the NOTIFY is successfully sent, you may not see
Markus> much traffic, as the secondaries first check the SOA and
Markus> decide whether to AXFR or not. 

I think I have discovered the problem.  tcpdump is showing that the
secondary is rejecting the NOTIFY, probably (?) because it is coming
from a different address than it is expecting.  The host is using IP
aliasing to attach multiple IP numbers to an interface and the notify
message is coming from a different IP number than the name server is
configured to listen on.  Is there a way to force a from address for
the NOTIFY messages?  I've tried the `transfer-source' option in the
named.conf file with no luck.

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