FAO: Barry Margolin

Marc Redmile-Gordon marc at carsplus.co.uk
Fri Nov 5 14:30:41 UTC 1999

Hi Barry,

( sorry to post specifically to you but I thought given the time span the
other thread was "dead" - I sent this a few days ago but it's not there )

Thanks for your response, I shall try to be more helpful:

if I ping REMOTE host  "X"  -  then the screen displays: "pinging
X at OURdomain.com"

"OURDOMAIN" is NOT the domain of the destined host.

Unfortunately I cannot post details for security reasons ( I'm sure you
understand ) but, I should be able to indicate how they are configured...

named.hosts contains all local hosts, and remote hosts in the same format
 different network ip's though ) :

hostname        IN A    IPaddress

I do not include the domain name here.

named.rev contains entries in the format:

XX ( last ip octet of local node )                    IN PTR
and remote hosts as:
xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ( full ip adderss in reverse )  IN PTR

Normal ?

I think our named.conf is just a standard issue - would you still like to
see it ?

Best regards,

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