Public IPs and nameservers on firewall

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Sat Nov 6 00:34:32 UTC 1999

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G. Roderick Singleton <gsingleton at> wrote:
>I have a situation where I have a firewall host that is a slave
>to my off-site nameserver.  For this one machine everything works
>like a charm. However, I'd like to include my hosts that use 
>a public IP ( as part of the scenario. (i.e. I'm lazy and
>don't want to make internal roots et cetera for 5 hosts)

192.168.x.x is private IP's, not public.

You can get away with putting these A records in your off-site nameserver.
No one outside your LAN would ever have reason to look up your internal
PC's, so little harm can come from including them in the public DNS.

>If stuffing them in my slave definition is not a good idea. Can I

What do you mean by "stuffing them in my slave definition"?

>simply create a nameserver for the 192.168.32. hosts (PCs) and then have
>this server, in turn, point at the local slave and so on.

Another solution would be to put these IP's in a subdomain, and configure
your firewall or an internal server as the master server for the
subdomain.  If you use an internal server, it can be configured to forward
everything else to the firewall.

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