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dreamwvr dreamwvr at dreamwvr.com
Sat Nov 6 15:58:25 UTC 1999

hi Alex,
       i would consider using sed for the job to see what this 
great tool can do for you goto:
and click 'cat MORE' then let it drive you to The Console of Many
where if you scroll down you will find a hyperlink called
"He SED She Sed" just click it and experiment a bit. IMHO you can
then leverage the knowledge and solve the problem you are having 
for sure. in my opinion anyhow.. this will do whatever your looking 
to do with your named files.. hope it helps let me know if it does:-))
						dreamwvr at dreamwvr.com
At 10:52 PM 11/5/99 -0500, Alex wrote:
>Can someone tell me how I can replace 1 line of text in 290 db files?  Is
>there some sort of grep command or vi command that will recursively go thru
>each db.domain.com file in my /var/named dir and replace a current name
>server with a new name server?
>Please email me if you know!
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Scientists have announced discovering a meteorite which will strike the 
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