How to allow over 65536 zones in bind 8.1.2

Jim Reid jim at
Mon Nov 8 10:38:45 UTC 1999

>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin Darcy <kcd at> writes:

    Kevin> But, at a certain point, wouldn't you start spreading the
    Kevin> zones over more servers, for performance reasons, if
    Kevin> nothing else?

Maybe, but there are other factors to consider like ease of
administration. For instance a big fast high-availability box in a
secure computer room that's close to your net's backbone routers might
well be a better bet for DNS than itty-bitty systems scattered all
over the place. If there are a bunch of servers, there's the adventure
game of "hunt the master server". [Too bad if it's on the wrong end of
an unreliable link or is "managed" by a clueless admin on the other
side of the world.] And how many named.conf files do you want to have
to maintain? OTOH, a name server that's master for many thousands of
zones could be in zone transfer hell for an eternity after a restart
or reload.

    Kevin> I just get the feeling that raising the 
    Kevin> zone limit is simply going to permit more clueless admins
    Kevin> to dig themselves into deeper holes

Hmm. One would hope that a clueless admin quickly got a clue about DNS
long before they were managing as many as some tens of zones rather
than thousands.

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