Network Solutions Not Responding?

Ron Risley ron at
Mon Nov 8 04:29:02 UTC 1999

In article <Pine.LNX.3.96.991107224815.18779A-100000 at>, Jay
Nugent <jjn at> wrote:
At 22:58 -0500 11/7/99, Jay Nugent wrote:
>   If you are trying to change to a "different" nameserver (both IP
>address and hostname are different) they file a Domain Modification
>Request (under 'Make Changes' on the opening screen at

That's exactly what I am doing.

>   You CANNOT change the IP address of an existing nameserver, nor can you
>assign a NEW hostname to an address already known to NSI as a nameserver.
>Well, you can, but it's much much more difficult and involved...

I know. I'm not trying to do that. I am just trying to replace a (flaky)
secondary name server with one that is more reliable, on a different
subnet (a commercial secondary DNS service well known to Network

Here is an excerpt from my latest note to Network Solutions:

> I have made repeated attempts to make necessary modifications to my domain
> registration. I am the registered administrative, billing, and technical
> contact. The relevant tracking numbers are:
> [deletia]
> In every case, the requests have been rejected by your service, even
> though they appear valid.
> If I submit them using PGP authentication, they are rejected with a
> statement that the PGP key is not registered with your server. The PGP key
> *is* registered with your server, as I have received notification that it
> is and I can successfully use it to modify my contact records.
> I have tried re-submitting my key to your server, but your server does not
> respond. (Note that it took 3 weeks, from 08/26/1999 to 9/14/1999, for
> your PGP keyserver to respond to my original request to have the key
> registered.)
> If I submit them using mail-from authentication, they are rejected with a
> statement that the request did not come from the correct email address,
> though I *am* the registered administrative, billing, and technical
> contact according to a whois query using your whois server and the
> modification form, and I am using the registered email address when I send
> the modification requests. Further, your messages say that "We have sent a
> notification message to the e-mail addresses on file for this domain name
> registration record. If either of the contacts acknowledges the update, we
> will process the request." But I have never received these notification
> message, even after multiple attempts.

It's frustrating enough that they're rejecting properly formatted
requests. What's worse is that they aren't answering their email, phones,
or fax lines. I'd suspect that something is seriously amiss at NS, but
then I'd expect to see a lot more complaints if they're treating everyone
this way.

Thanks for the response. If you have any other ideas, I'd be grateful.


Ron Risley
ron at

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