bind and dhcp

Diego dcima at
Mon Nov 8 11:48:21 UTC 1999

I would like to have DNS and DHCP on one linux box.
This is my problem: I have DNS configured on my linux box to serve my small
home network (with two win98). DNS is used to resolve internal names and to
backup my ISP DNS (should it fail, I can still use my hints file). The linux
box is obviously the gateaway to the internet.

Now I want to connect with other ISPs (now there's a lot of free ISPs in
Italy), and they all offer DHCP. I know I could set different forwarders in
/etc/named.conf, but they would be searched in order (that's what I don't

My idea is to set a DHCP client on the linux box, so that I would have the
right ns every time I connect to a different ISP. Anyway I do not need a
DHCP server on the linux box since I just have two clients!

I hope I was clear enough.

Thanx in advance

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