start of authority shortcut??

Daniel Frazier dfrazier at
Mon Nov 8 14:30:24 UTC 1999

> Sure, as long as you remember to increment the serial number in the file
> any time you update any file that includes it.
> Whether it's a good idea is another issue.  When you do it this way, a
> change to one zone will cause them all appear to have been updated, so the
> secondary servers will have to transfer them all.  If you only have a
> couple of zones it's probably not a big deal, but if you had thousands of
> zones it could be a problem.  Also, if the secondary servers are at your
> ISP, they have to deal with many customers' zones; imagine if every
> customer did it this way, it would result in lots of extraneous zone
> transfers.
Cool.  I was hoping that it wasn't some weird SCO only thing.  I see
your point about this shortcut possibly causing many unnecessary zone
transfers, but I'm only running DNS for a small business with only two
zones, so I'm willing to put up with it.  

Next question,  if I do this, does a separate named.soa need to be
maintained on each of the slave servers, or will the named.soa be
updated as well when a change in the serial number on the master is

Thanks again,

Daniel Frazier

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