how to describe subdomains

Joseph S D Yao jsdy at
Mon Nov 8 22:27:30 UTC 1999

> Hi List,
> I'm setting up a private DNS server for the domain ran, which has,
> asd01, asd02.., asd0n as subdomains. So anyhow I have generated a file
> db.ran which has a SOA that sez this file is authorative for ran.
> But how do I specify the subdomains asd01 etc? All the examples I've
> seen assume that the subdomain are defined on a different server not
> the same one.
> Well that's no quite true I've seen one (ie a db.domainname file) that
> has
> $INCLUDE db.subdomain1.domainname
> $INCLUDE db.subdomain2.domainname
> ...
> $INCLUDE db.subdomainx.domainname
> which seems to work.
> Is there, however, a more sensible approach?

You may put it all in one file, although I wouldn't:

name1.asd01	IN	A	...
name2.sad01	IN	A	...
name1.asd02	IN	A	...
name2.asd02	IN	A	...

Or you may make separate zone files for each zone on the same server:

$TTL		1d
@	IN SOA	... (...)
	IN NS	ns.ran

asd01	IN NS	ns.ran
asd02	IN NS	ns.ran

And then, in your named.conf file, you would have to declare these as
separate zones, with the names of their zone files, etc.

If you are running an old, old BIND 4, you would do the same thing in
the named.boot file.  The zone files haven't changed much, except that
you used to be able to confuse yourself by having multiple unrelated
domains in the same zone file.  ;-]

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