forwarding a zone to another ns

Wolfgang Stark w.stark at
Tue Nov 9 18:15:58 UTC 1999


and sorry for the bad explanation.

Barry Margolin schrieb:
> >I have a problem with DNS from a domain.
> >
> >The domain has a nameserver at with a standard
> >zonefile:
> >(you can see it on
> >
> >There is an entry:
> >       IN A
> >
> >Now I want to create subdomains or further hosts on for
> >
> >I've created a zone for but it doesn't work.
> It works for me.  I can look up,, and
> >I think it is impossible to do this.
> >But the admin, who was responsible for on another host
> >told me, that
> >this is possible and it worked formerly.
> I don't think you're describing the problem very clearly.  What doesn't
> work?

In the first NS there are entries for www, ftp, ns and
But I want to add other hosts like:
www.ccw ( in the zonefile on

The DENIC entry points to ns*

# nslookup
> server
> ls -d

> server
> ls -d

and you understand what I mean.


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