stream_getlen(...): request too small

Alan Sparks asparks at
Tue Nov 9 20:26:32 UTC 1999

I've had quite a few messages logged by one of my servers like:
Nov 9 02:05:48 mercury named[14461]: stream_getlen([].2200):
request too small

Anyone give me a quick lesson in the ramifications of this?  This mean
someone is firing broken packets at me?  The address logged is outside our

Unrelated but related:  I see "allow-query"... but is there a mechanism in
BIND that can do the opposite (kind of like a "reject-query acl")?

BIND 8.2.1.  Thanks in advance.

Alan Sparks, Principal Network Analyst       <asparks at>
Harris Corporation, Camarillo CA                   (805) 389-2430

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