Setting up a server from scratch

Adrian Goins Adrian at
Wed Nov 10 03:03:24 UTC 1999

Buy a book called "TCP/IP Network Administration" (with the crab on the
cover).  read it.  read it again.  Buy a book called, "DNS and BIND."  read
it as well.

coordinate setting up a domain with your ISP.  you don't have the equipment
to have two nameservers operational (a requirement for setting up a domain),
or the ability to capture mail and deliver it.

it's valuable to learn these things, but go gradually.  and read read read.

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> Subject:	Setting up a server from scratch
> I haven't done any web-server or DNS work before and would appreciate it
> if someone could tell me how to go about setting up a site.
> When I register for a domain at Network Solutions, lets say "",
> what do I put in for the various addresses (administration, technical,
> billing)?  I plan to host the site on my computer in my college dorm
> room.  How do I make sure that the database has my IP address associated
> with  Can I change this later?  I read about people setting up
> primary and secondary DNS servers.  Do I need to do this?
> A question about subdomains.  How do I set up a subdomain
> (  Do all domain names ending with ""
> automatically reach my webserver?  I am worried about this because when
> I tried going to, I didn't get an error from Yahoo's
> web server but instead I got a host not found error.
> Thanks.

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