Double Pings

skittlesja at skittlesja at
Wed Nov 10 03:39:34 UTC 1999

I have a very serious problem.  Whenever I ping from a UNIX box,
whether it be Sun, SG or HP I get a duplicate response of
While no one seems to have ever seen this problem, I was hoping there
was someone who had.  There are not two machines on my network with the
same IP addresses, I've alreeady checked that.  And my router is
configured correctly.  The only thing I can think it is, is a cable
problem.  We do have daisy chained hubs, and everything is connected
onto a thicknet backbone.  I can disconnect my router, and my internal
lan is still showing double pings.(the router gets us to the real
world)  Can anyone help at all???

Jennifer M Ayres
NSAWC Fallon, Nevada

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