dns problem with browsers only?

Rodney C. Marable marable at netgen.com
Wed Nov 10 23:57:21 UTC 1999

> Has anyone seen this before?  pc's can use short name for telnet, ping, and
> nslookup.  But when they use a short name in a browser (http://intranet),
> it doesn't.  The web page is not displayed and they get a 500 error.  But
> when they use the FQDN (http://vm.cfsan.fda.gov) or the ip address
> (, bingo - it works!  We have tried going to different
> web servers (http://intranet, http://updates) and using different browsers
> (netscape, hotjava, ie), but we get the same behavior.  nslookup looks fine
> for nslookup vm and nslookup

My desktop machine at work is a PC running Solaris 2.6 and Communicator 4.51, and "netgen.com" is automatically appended to any unqualified URL that I enter.  I've observed the behavior you've described in the past, but only on machines running Windows 9x that didn't have their default domains properly set.


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