Tong YU tong at csusb.net
Wed Nov 10 20:08:29 UTC 1999

I asked this question a couple weeks ago
and found out that this question had been
asked for many times. If you searched the archive
of this list you could find that out too. 
I did get some hints from this list and 'fixed' 
the problem; so its my turn to answer your question.

This error occurred because you missed the 
A record of the host in your name server.

I believe this happens most probably because
people register a secondary name server but
that name server does not exist yet and therefore
people do not bother to put its A record in the primary 
name server, so the error really won't hurt.



At 09:45 AM 11/11/99 +0800, Gene Frederick F. Boniel wrote:
>am using bind-8.2-6 and ive got this error :
>Nov 10 16:38:11 server named [6621]: sysquery: findns error (NXDOMAIN) on
>am just new of this...does anybody could help me? any ideas?

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