I can't get the serial number of rslcom.co.uk from the secondarie s

Barry Margolin barmar at bbnplanet.com
Thu Nov 11 15:38:50 UTC 1999

In article <89EE427FF746D211A9260008C71EFE0501306366 at basnts01.telcouk.rsl-europe.com>,
Andy Cranston  <Andy.Cranston at RSL-Europe.com> wrote:
>I have recently inherited responsibility for the primary DNS server for the
>domains  "rsl-europe.com" and "rslcom.co.uk".  The primary and secondaries
>for these zones are, as  far as I'm aware:
>    dns.rsl-europe.com   (Primary)
>    sec1.dns.uk.psi.net   (Secondary)
>    sec2.dns.uk.psi.net   (Secondary)
>The primary is running BIND 8.2.1 behind a firewall using network address
>translation.  The two secondaries are run by our ISP PSI Net.
>When I make an update to the "rsl-europe.com" domain I can see the two
>secondaries pull the zone a few seconds later - they obviously honour
>NOTIFY.  When I make a similar update to  the "rslcom.co.uk" domain I don't
>see any activity from the secondaries.
>My first thought was that the serial number was out of sync on the
>secondaries so I did the following to try and find out the serial number on
>one of the secondaries:

If the serial numbers were out of sync you would see the old serial numbers
when you queried the secondaries.  I think the problem may simply be that
PSI simply hasn't installed the rslcom.co.uk zone on their secondary
servers.  Since the problem is with their servers, wouldn't it make sense
to check with them before asking for advice from the entire Internet?

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