automating patch4

Daniel Serna dserna at
Thu Nov 11 18:01:33 UTC 1999

In looking at the patch file I noticed that there is only a slight change
in the source code:

Here is the old named-xfer.c:

                                        zp->z_origin, zp_finish.z_serial);
!                       if ((methode == ISIXFR) || (soa_cnt > 2)) {
                                return (result);
                } else {

Here is the new patched named-xfer.c:

                                        zp->z_origin, zp_finish.z_serial);
!                       if ((methode == ISIXFR) || (soa_cnt >= 2)) {
                                return (result);
                } else {

So, the only difference is that you need to append a "=" to the right
of the ">" in the following line:

if ((methode == ISIXFR) || (soa_cnt >= 2)) {

All I did was append that to the named-xfer.c code and then followed the
instructions to install bind. I would think that is all one has to do. I
don't think that the patch is a patch in the traditional sense, i.e. you
can install it using patchadd. It seems to be patch that is of the "This
is the only change you have to make to make it work" variety, unless I
missed something.

Hope that helps


On Thu, 11 Nov 1999, Phil Howard wrote:

> This is the first time I've put a bind patch into my upgrade automation
> system and patch4 doesn't seem to be applying.  It says it cannot find
> the file.  When I omit -f (it says the same thing and prompts for the file)
> and enter the file path, then it patches OK.  The correct path is in the
> patch file so I would think it should find it.  OTOH, it does look kinda
> different than other patch files I'd worked with (which all work).  Since
> I don't know the patch/diff file format, I cannot diagnose what might be
> different about the way patches for bind are made.
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