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smonoyi at lsu.edu smonoyi at lsu.edu
Thu Nov 11 20:00:36 UTC 1999

We are trying to upgrade our BIND 4.9.7 to the BIND 8.2.2. version. We have
the old verion installed on a Linux machine that has Red Hat 6.1

1. How do I upgrade from the old version to the new one? Do I have to
uninstall the old version completely and then install the new one, or can I
just install the new version on top of the old one?

2. Will Bind 8.2.2 work on this version on Linux?

3. Are there any differences in the way the .db and .rev files are

4. Does anyone know where I can find an example of how these files should
be structured?

5. There is no question that I am new in this, so I would be very grateful
if someone that already configured the latest version of BIND on a Lunix
machine can help.

Stelios Monoyios
Office of Telecommunications
Louisiana State University
smonoyi at lsu.edu

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