Which version of bind will fix these issues?

ken harris. ken at arpa.com
Thu Nov 11 20:42:01 UTC 1999

George R. Kasica [09:52 AM 11/11/99 -0600] wrote:
:Just got a CERT/CIAC Alert msg. here about problems with BIND 8.2.1
:and was wondering where to get the newest release....I'm on the news
:group and as far as I can tell 8.2.1 is the latest "full" release not
:counting 8.2.2 RC1....Is that release stable enough to run in
:production or are there patches for the issues listed below? We're
:running 8.2.1 here in Linux 2.2.10

well if you read the whole advisory.
then you wouldn't have to post that question.

:The Internet Software Consortium
:   ISC has published an advisory regarding these problems, available
:   http://www.isc.org/products/BIND/bind-security-19991108.html
:   The ISC advisory also includes a table summarizing which versions
:   BIND are susceptible to the vulnerabilities described in this
:   advisory.


% ken harris

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