8.2.2p3 + patch4 and still seeing the problem.

bleve at my-deja.com bleve at my-deja.com
Thu Nov 11 23:22:54 UTC 1999

I have BIND 8.2.2p3 + patch4 (yes, named-xfer.c has > changed
to >=) on a couple of Solaris boxes.  I'm still seeing the
duplicate SOA records problem.

Here's what I have :

master : BIND 8.2.2p3 + patch4.txt (Solaris 7 + IPv6 patch)
slave : BIND 8.2.1 (was running 8.2.2p3 but I backed it out) (Solaris

when I ndc restart or ndc reload on the slave, I still get the
duplicate SOA records error message.  I've tried this with
the slave running 8.2.2p3 + patch4.txt too, but the same
problem.  Yes, I have restarted named on the master :)

Is anyone else seeing this or is there something broken in my

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