NSlookup command-line question

Steve Wolfe telomere at take.this.out.inconnect.com
Thu Nov 11 23:25:59 UTC 1999

    This question isn't strictly a BIND question, but I couldn't find a
better place to ask....

   Our company has approximately 200 domain names (no, we're not
cyber-squatters), but lately NSI has been screwing up our NS entries either
on all root servers, or occasionally just on select ones.  I'd like to
create a script to check the NS records for each of the domains in a flat
file, checking at least two of the root name servers.  However, I am having
trouble with the command-line args for nslookup...

if I'm *in* nslookup, I can say:

set querytype=ns
server a.root-servers.net

 and it works.  On the command line, I can say:

nslookup -type=NS domain.com ns.our.company.com

 and it works.  But, if I try:

nslookup -type=NS domain.com a.root-servers.net

  It doesn't.  Can some kindly soul enlighten me as to what I'm doing wrong?


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