bind 8.2.2p3 + patch4 still showing error multiple SOA

bleve at bleve at
Fri Nov 12 00:58:53 UTC 1999

I have two DNS servers, both now running 8.2.2p3 + the patch4.txt
patch to named.xfer.c

they're both solaris boxes, one is solaris 7 + IPv6, one is
solaris 2.6, both are SPARCservers

Despite the updated named-xfer (and lots of ndc stop; ndc start,
killing & starting named by hand etc), although my master is
logging no errors, the slave is still reporting multiple SOA
records and refusing to load the zones it is a secondary

Before I go into huge detail about how I have patched named-xfer.c
(replaced > with >= and recompiled .. "duh"), is anyone else
seeing this problem?

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