Convert a primary server named.conf to a secondary server

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Fri Nov 12 01:17:54 UTC 1999

Adam Furman wrote:

> I would like to know if anyone knows of a script that convert a primary name
> server config file over to a secondary name server config file.  This way we
> only work on the primary and run this script with cron so the secondary will
> get the info.  Any help would be great.
> Thanks
> Adam

  I see that Barry has already contributed a nawk fragment to do the basic
conversion for this. If this is part of an overall DNS management system based
on pushing the config files to the slaves, however, I'd also give some thought
as to how to customize each named.conf to each slave, particularly in regards
to a) removing its own address from the also-notify directive, if necessary,
and b) modifying various ACL's, sortlist and/or rrset-order values to reflect
the local policies/topology.

    I run a cron job on all of the slave servers I maintain which determines
what zones to slave based on the delegation information in the zone data itself
-- working from the internal root on down -- and a bunch of arbitrary
conventions. One advantage of this is that I can divide the named.conf file
into manually and automatically-maintained sections, so that I don't get into
nasty local-customization issues. My slaves are also not as reliant on network
connectivity, or the maintenance of the necessary security arrangements with
the master, in order to keep their named.conf files up to date. Unfortunately,
by relieving the master of having to know the list of its slaves, I now have no
convenient way to maintain the also-notify's, so I'm stuck doing that manually
for now.

- Kevin

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