DNS External/Internal Shadow Domains?

James Hall-Kenney JHall at sytec.co.nz
Fri Nov 12 03:03:59 UTC 1999

Perhaps it was a bit imprecise.  What I meant was that you can then add
forwarders to specific zones on the non-root servers. In the case of the
implementation I was thinking of, they wanted to have all their servers
reference ftp.nai.com so that they could get updated virus signatures.
Rather than host nai.com internally, we created a zone of type forward which
referred to their internet name server.  This wouldn't work if the name
server was a root server.



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> However if you separate your internal root servers away from the internal
> name servers that are actually queried by clients, you can define
> on the non-root servers which work ok.

I'm not sure how this is supposed to help.  If your internal name servers
using your internal roots, why set up internal roots in the first place?


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