Bug in 8.2.2-P3

Jim Reid jim at mpn.cp.philips.com
Fri Nov 12 10:01:06 UTC 1999

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Tinlin <jt at jumbo.surfari.net> writes:

    Jim> After applying the patch to *both* my primary and secondary
    Jim> servers, the 'multiple RR' statement comes up on my secondary
    Jim> server.  I did note, however, that my primary spits this out
    Jim> as the only error message when it starts up...something to do
    Jim> with it?!? 

No. The error message below tend to suggest you're trying to run a
second instance of named. A bind() system call is failing EADDRINUSE
which usually means something is already using the port number that
the process wanted to bind to.

    Jim> Nov 11 13:31:07 cachecow named[4760]: ctl_server: bind: Address already in use

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