Bind is dieing when it gets to 16 megs in size

Pancho Cole pancho at
Fri Nov 12 10:25:37 UTC 1999

I am running Bind 8.2.2 on a box that has BSDI 4.01, 256 megs of RAM, is 
usually 95% idle, vmstat typically says that I have 175-180 Megs of virtual 
memory free.
I increased my OS datasize for daemons from 32 to 64 megs in my login.conf.
When named gets to be around 16+ megs in size, I see the following console 
named[4736]: savedata: memget
and it fails.
Before, when I had left the datasize in login.conf the default 32 megs, the 
console message read:
named[18265]: memget failed in new_symbol_table()
What should I do next to keep my name server happy?

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