resolver & virtual interfaces

Peter Penn peter.penn at
Fri Nov 12 09:05:45 UTC 1999

We have a Solaris 2.6 internet facing host with two virtual interfaces
configured to different networks ie.

hme0 is
hme0:1 is
hme0:2 is

Whenever the resolver issues a request to our name servers with the hme0
source address there's no problem. However if the source address allocated
in the request is one of the other virtual interfaces it cycles through the
usual timeout sequences until it rotates through the interface addresses and
comes back to use the hme0 address. The nameservers can be accessed from any
of the network addresses.

I suspect this may be due to some acl on the nameserver which we have no
control over. Are there any public recursive name servers, should we run our
own local nameserver or are there any other solutions which would lead to
successful name resolutions no matter what source address is used?

Thanks in advance.


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