not quite a BIND technical question

Christine.Tran at Christine.Tran at
Fri Nov 12 17:57:19 UTC 1999

>cc is the ISO 3166 two-letter abbreviation for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

Ha ha ha!! Please indulge me; I'm falling off my chair laughing.  Ten or so years ago I went to high school in Guam, a 10 minutes ferry ride from Cocos Islands (I think it's the one we're talking about.)  It's so small, on an elevation you can see BOTH coasts.  There's not much commerce there, a tiny little tourist industry, school kids would have nature field trips there, and some picnics.  I am in no way slamming the island, I'm only saying it's REALLY REALLY small.  It's funny to think there's because the parking lot of Intel probably won't fit on the island.  Who has the right to auction off these name extensions anyway?  Cocos Island was (if I remember correctly) an Unincorporated Trust Territory of the United States but they have their own local legislature.  Anyway the marketing folks are on the warpath in name registrations hoping to get ahead of the squatters.  What's up with that anyway, is it still legal to scalp corporations for domain names?

OK.  Enough of the rambling travelogue and trivial digressions.  Back to BIND.


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