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Adrian Goins Adrian at mamamedia.com
Fri Nov 12 19:47:35 UTC 1999

having multiple IPs under one hostname is not load sharing.  this is called
'round-robin' and causes BIND to send all IPs back to the client.  the
client is then served by whomever answers it first.  this is, in practice a
bad way to do things, as one of your servers could still have increased

Cisco Local Director (which we have now) is somewhat better - it spreads the
distributed load across multiple IPs in a slightly more intelligent fashion.
However, there is a flaw which we discovered last night in the Local
Director where it is incapable of handling 10BT/Full Duplex, even if set to
do so.

Look at the F5 BigIP product, or their 3DNS product.  BigIP does load
balancing between local IPs, and 3DNS does load balancing between geographic
locations using a modified version of BIND.

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> If I have load sharing among ip addresses set up in BIND, is it able to
> detect when a server goes off line and remove this address from the
> rotation?  If not is there some way to set this up, or should I just bite
> the bullet and buy Cisco Local Director?
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