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On Fri, 12 Nov 1999, Shain Miley wrote:

> Hello, I ran the named-bootconf executable that can in
> /src/bin/named-bootconf.  It has been running for about two hours now.  Is
> this normal or am I doing something wrong?  I did not use the script that
> came in the same dir as it looks like it does the same thing as the exe.

   You're not alone... :-(

   Some programmer who wrote named-bootconf.pl thought that everyone in
the world knows Perl. NOT!  And s/he failed to include any needed syntax
information...  grrrr....


      named-bootconf named.boot > named.conf

   It's just sitting there because it wasn't told the name of the input
file and the output file.  Gotta include them on the command line.  Ya
also have to know to put in the '>' redirect if you're using Unix, too.

   Programs are supposed to help us and make our lives easier.  POOR
programming does nothing but infuriate us.  A simple test in this program
to look for --help options or lack of any options, could have very easily
output the correct command syntax to the user.  But NO, 5 minutes worth of
smart coding would have been too hard for this programmer.  Instead we all
struggle through trying to use the tool and waste alot of time.

   Sorry, it's been a hard week...

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