broke bind

aaabyss at aaabyss at
Fri Nov 12 21:40:17 UTC 1999

Hello all, 

I posted this to the bindnt list but am cross-posting it here as I 
don't think the problem is 'NT' specific but rather hoping it is a  
'bind' generic somethingoranother that I missed ... ;o)


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Hello all,

Been running bindnt since it came out with no real problems. Now 
4.9.7 has started timing out for no apparent reasons. It loads fine, 
pulls its secondary zones from the primary server with no errors and 
says its "ready to answer queries" but it will not respond to 
*anything* after that. (times out)  

I have updated it several times and completely removed and 
reinstalled it with no change in results.  

For sake of argument it pings fine. 

Anyone have a clue?


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