[Bind8] Bind for NT forwarding/parenting strange behaviour

Stenley dussourd at cybercable.fr
Fri Nov 12 22:48:14 UTC 1999

Hi all,

I am using the Bind 8.2.2 binaries donwload on the lansystems.co.uk
ftp site.

For an internal network we have created a root server.It delagates to
2 zones (which I will call parents). These parents have children zone.
One of these parents is also connect to the Internet, so this parent
is configure to have a forward first parameter pointing to the
Internet. (We have decided of this architecture after the reading of
the Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu Books (first edition and third

                 Internet            Child1
	          \	           /
                         parent1-- Child2
                       /             \
Intranet Root                    Child3

The problem : if we activate the parent with the forwarding, the
resolution doesn't work properly after a request to the internet. It's
unable to resolve any request. If we start it after all the others
name server in the tree, everything seems to work.

Can someone explain me why and how we can have an order to bring up
the different name servers ?? Is this solution (internal root, with a
forwarding first) the good solution ?

(nb: the nondebug version provide on this site is completely unstable;
only the debug version [need the msvcrtd.dll] works)
(nb2: if someone knows on other place to download the nt binaries of
the bind 8.2.2.... i will appreciate)

Thanks in advance for any idea and any solutions (avoid unix solution,
thanks, even if I personnaly prefer....)

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