Reverse DNS problems, local hostnames replaced by those of UUNet

Pancho Cole pancho at
Sat Nov 13 09:45:02 UTC 1999

I help manage 2 name servers - and
Our service is multi-homed with feeds provided by UUNet and Cable and Wireless.
Recently, some customers started complaining that they have been denied ftp 
access to other sites, when they investigated they (found out/were told) 
that we did not have reverse DNS working on our end. (not true).
I found out the IPs that the people were having trouble with resolved 
correctly on most name servers, but on some I saw a completely different 
host name for that IP. ( is one of those addresses). As that is 
a UUNet IP I asked AUTH03.NS.UU.NET for information on and it 
said that was
Served by:
It gets more complicated: our name server started caching the UUNet host 
names for these IPs, as some folks on other services found out. I am 
restarting named every few days to clear out these entries, though that is 
not my ideal.
Now, we were supposed to be authoritative for our own addresses. We sent 
some messages out to UUNet, but have not heard back. Am I correct in 
thinking that they are no longer delegating the resolution to us? This is 
causing us a great deal of difficulty. What do you folks suttest
Pancho Cole, webmaster and hostmaster for AcadiaNet
   Work (207)664-3100	 webmaster at

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