DDNS - KEY and SIG entry

herve schlecht herve.schlecht at wanadoo.fr
Sun Nov 14 10:28:57 UTC 1999

I have an AIX server on which work a DDNS and DHCP server. Through
the automatic update function, each time that the DHCP server lease an IP
address, a nsupdate through the dhcpaction script is carried out. This allow
the creation  of an A and PTR entry in the zone and teverse zone. But as I
can see it, an KEY and SIG entry is also automatically created in the zone

Is it possible to make that these two entry are not automatically created ?

The update command in the dhcp configuration file is :

updateDNS "/usr/sbin/dhcpaction %s %s %s %s BOTH NONIM"

The zone configuration in the named.conf file is :

zone "dtv.stb.energy.abc.com" {
 type master;
 file "dtv.stb.energy.abc.com.db";
# check-names fail;
 allow-update {localhost;};
 update-security unsecured;

Thank for your help.

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