setting up dns with DSL

Adrian Goins Adrian at
Sun Nov 14 21:34:23 UTC 1999

unless you have your own domain and your ISP is delegated to pull secondary
from you for zone transfers but still answer authoritatively for your domain
(on the InterNIC record), i wouldn't bother with it.  just because you have
a fast connection does not mean that you want to fill it with DNS queries
for your domain (assuming that you have one).

i have a 1.0 Mbps SDSL circuit, and my arrangement with my ISP is that they
are listed on my domains as the nameservers to query.  however, in their
named configs, they poll me for zone updates.  this allows me to control the
information, but allows them to answer for it.  why waste bandwidth with
DNS?  spend it on something useful, like online gaming.  :)

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> Hi all, I have quick questiion...
> I recently subscribed DSL service and setup a DNS server with my linux
> box..
> It seems to work where i can use it to do name query...  But i can't seems
> to make work so Internic (networks solutions) can find my dns server. In
> other word, INTERNIC (networks solution) can not register or find my DNS
> server...  Any help would be appreciated !!!

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