Host Forms slow?

Jay Nugent jjn at
Mon Nov 15 07:00:15 UTC 1999


On Sun, 14 Nov 1999, Jason Hummel wrote:

> 2 weeks ago I filled out a host form with networksolutions for a Name
> Server.  The Authorization request came to my boss who is listed for all
> the contacts of our domain and he authorized the request and sent it
> back immediately, but I still haven't received any work on its
> completion, how long do these things take?

   Call them.  I've never succeeded in processing a HST record changes
without speaking with a live human at NSI.  They never notify you of any
problems, so consider their policy as "No News is Bad News".  If you don't
get a response or completion of your change withing a few days, then there
was a problem :-(

   I know their Customer Services phone number is often busy.  Keep
trying, and once you get a CS representative don't let them hang up.  Make
sure everything is covered...

   Was my previous modification request processed?
   What was the tracking number? 
   Why was the request not processed?
   Was there a problem?
   What was the problem?
   How do we correct it right now?
   Was the email address correct (required for security)?
   Why was I not notified of any problems?
   What do we do here, right now, on the phone, to get this processed
   Get the reps. name and direct number.
   Send any FAX material directly to that reps personnal fax number (while
   you still have them on the line).

   Don't let them blow you off!!!  Be nice to them, don't get angry, but
don't let them lead you into believing they are just backlogged.  They CAN
and DO process changes for you right there on the phone.  Your business
depends on their MONOPOLY working correctly, and you pay good money for
it.  Get what you pay for :-)

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