bind 8.2.2p3 + patch4 still showing error multiple SOA

Jim Reid jim at
Mon Nov 15 10:12:40 UTC 1999

>>>>> "Randall" == Randall J Wormser <nospam at> writes:

    Randall> We have a primary and a slave; both are ULTRA-2170 systems running
    Randall> Solaris 2.6.

    Randall> Following the upgrade from 8.1.2-t3b to 8.2.2p3 + the patch4.txt,
    Randall> named-xfer on the slave fails with:

    Randall> [ ip address of primary ] not authoritative for,    SOA
    Randall> query got rcode 0, aa 0, ancount 1, aucount 0 

There is something wrong with the forward zone file on your master
server: probably a syntax error. The reason why the master server
isn't authoritative for the zone will be in the name server's logs on
the master server somewhere.

I also note that you claim to have a address, even though
your name isn't in the internal Philips Mail directory and your domain
name and email address don't conform to the corporate standards. If
you are working for Philips, please use your real identity and email
address to contact the DNS support group at dns at If your
email system is screwed up, we can also be reached through the normal
support/helpdesk channels.

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