Bind is dieing when it gets to 16 megs in size

Jim Reid jim at
Mon Nov 15 10:33:32 UTC 1999

>>>>> "Mark" == Mark Andrews <Mark_Andrews at> writes:
    >> On Fri, Nov 12, 1999 at 05:25:37AM -0500, Pancho Cole wrote:
    >> > Before, when I had left the datasize in login.conf the
    >> > default 32 megs, the console message read:
    >> > named[18265]: memget failed in new_symbol_table()
    >> > What should I do next to keep my name server happy?

    Mark> options {
    Mark>	datasize 64m;
    Mark> };

    Mark> options {
    Mark>	datasize unlimited;
    Mark> };

Also, check the value of vm.maxdsize with sysctl. If it's too low,
increase it. The limit command (=>setlimit) tells lies. You can set
the hard or soft limits on a process's dat size to be more than
vm.maxdsize, but the process will die if/when it attempts to use more
than vm.maxdsize of data space.

Guess who found this out the hard way? :-)

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