slow netstat and lame server msg

Christian Lehner chris at
Mon Nov 15 18:04:11 UTC 1999


recently, I found tons of "lame server" messages in our
log files. That started when some Korean users began
accessing our system. I suspect that their DNS authority
does not provide a reverse mapping, since my logs only
show the IP address for some of them.
I noticed that "netstat" takes quite a while to list open
socket connections, whereby a "netstat -n" would run
pretty fast. Because netstat queries DNS when invoked
without the -n, the bottleneck seems to be "named".

In order to get rid of the "lame server" messages, I suppose
the Korean DNS authorities would need to get their DNS
configured properly, but meanwhile their traffic is a considerable
drag on our server's DNS.

Does someone out there have a similar problem and/or
any suggestions what to do about that?


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