Secure Split DNS thought.

Ted_Rule at Ted_Rule at
Mon Nov 15 18:51:18 UTC 1999

A question which will no doubt arise in future with the more widespread adoption
of DNSSEC........

If I have a split DNS configuration with a "" tree and perhaps
subtrees visible to
the internet as well as a "" tree and perhaps a DIFFERENT set of
subtrees visible
to the internal company network..... ( where, most likely, the internally
visible tree is a superset of the
externally visible tree )

     Should I use the same DNSSEC KEYs on any given label/RRset
          which is visible in both the internal and external domains?

     Can I use different ones?

     Do any conflicts arise?

     Do any issues arise with those pesky NXT records as between the different

     Is use of a different KEY set internally preferred, so that compromise of
the external KEY set
     doesn't potentially compromise the internal tree?

Ted Rule,
Flextech Television

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