[Q]cache in solaris 5.6 resolver

Mark_Andrews at iengines.com Mark_Andrews at iengines.com
Mon Nov 15 22:38:09 UTC 1999

> I realized that resolver on solaris 5.6 system caches IP-Addresses which
> resolved once even though TTL of the RR in the responce is 0(zero).
> But resolver on solaris 5.1 does not cache if TTL is 0 (I didn't check a
> case that TTL is not 0)
> I want to know the resolver on solaris 5.6 surely does caching. If so, tell
> me how It caches , where cache file is located(if any), and how big
> expire-time of cache entry is.
> I'm waiting for your reply.
> Thank you in advance.

	See nscd(8).

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