NS Round Robin?

Rich Phillips Richard_Phillips at lucent.com
Tue Nov 16 04:08:00 UTC 1999

Thank you, but this still does not answer the question.

I need to know if there is REAL importance in the order.  My point
specifically is determining if you didn't actually register Primary as the
first server, and it was the third server.  What, if anything would this
do??  I don't think it would do anything, since multiple NS records respond
in a round robin fashion.


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On Mon, Nov 15, 1999 at 11:22:26AM -0600, Rich Phillips wrote:
> In the whois response below.  There are 4 nameservers listed.  They are
> "listed in order" according to the whois response?

That's not what it says! Look again...

>            Domain servers in listed order:
>            ATBD.MICROSOFT.COM 
>            DNS1.MICROSOFT.COM 
>            DNS4.CP.MSFT.NET   
>            DNS5.CP.MSFT.NET   

"in listed order". AFAIR they are in the order they were listed in the
registration request that NetSol have in their database. The
master should be listed first with the slaves afterwards.


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