Problem Using CNAME

bind-list at bind-list at
Tue Nov 16 14:30:48 UTC 1999

i try to make a cname :


<the normal stuff>

localhost       A

@               CNAME
www             CNAME

but this gives me an error :

Nov 16 15:21:44 ns named[13328]: CNAME and OTHER
data error
Nov 16 15:21:44 ns named[13328]: master zone "" (IN) rejected
due to errors (serial 1999111605)

i tried to remove the mx record for this domain, and tried to replace @
with, but both do not work.
when i make an A record of it (so @ A it works ok, but
because i have multiple domains pointing to the same adress, i would like
to use a CNAME for it.
Is this possible ?

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