unapproved update problem - STILL

sblee at tazmania.org sblee at tazmania.org
Tue Nov 16 13:03:16 UTC 1999

Folks -

I've asked for help with this one before, and the porblem has
persisted through all versions of Bind 8.x, including 8.2.2-P5.

Our name server keeps drifting off in to limbo. Log entries show an
'unapproved update' from some host, and everytime the reqeust in made,
the name server stops answering queries. The only solution I've found
to prevent this is the obvious 'blackhole' list. I now have a list of
over 25 systems..... For an ISP this can be a maintenance headache.
The primary domain server seems to be affected the worst, however, the
secondary domain server is also occasionally interrupted. These
servers are currently hosting approximately 175 domains.

If I missed something in configuration, please tell me. If this is a
Bind problem with regard to dynamic DNS, HELP! BTW, I'm told that some
of the machines in 'blackhole' list are Win95 eventhough I suspect
them to Win2000.

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