Probably a *very* stupid question....

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Nov 16 20:09:59 UTC 1999

JJ wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> Is it possible to do a round-robin on PTR records ??
> I've tried this on a server but a lookup of always returns the
> last address....

The server should round-robin by default unless it's very old (pre-4.9,
I think) or relatively new (8.2.x) with an rrset-order option specifying
"fixed" order.

Why would you want to round-robin PTR's? Most client resolvers only look at
the first PTR in a list, so if the ordering behavior is anything other than
"fixed" the end result is a perceived "inconsistency" in answers from the
nameserver. In our internal DNS, we don't allow multiple PTR's.

- Kevin

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