What is the meaning of this messages?

HeePok Lee wind at bora.net
Wed Nov 17 04:08:41 UTC 1999

Hi all!!!
I am operating BIND 8.2.2 on Linux.
By the way when I use this command I get this messages from
/var/log/messages file without any resloving result.
Command : dig @localhost dacom.co.kr axfr
messages : Nov 17 12:13:40 ns1 named[18470]: news.dacom.co.kr has CNAME and
other data (invalid)
                  Nov 17 12:13:40 ns1 named[18470]:
Prm/boranet/db.dacom:142:news.dacom.co.kr: CNAME and
                  OTHER data error
And my zone file is
news.dacom.co.kr.               IN      CNAME   news.bora.net.
usenet.dacom.co.kr.             IN      A
Could you explain what does mean that message?
And how can I do for work the "dig zone transfer" command?
Thank you!!!!

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