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Wed Nov 17 02:28:39 UTC 1999

David Spigelman <dspigelm at acp.org> wrote:
>Everything I've read indicates that the named.conf file is supposed to
>be in the /etc directory. 

There's always the risk, when developing code in a hurry, that
inexperienced coders will change long-standing defaults.  You can
do ISC a favor by pointing this out to bind-bugs at isc.org and
bind-suggest at isc.org.

 1) The default location for named.conf is /usr/local/etc.

    /usr/local is usually a networked filesystems in Solaris (as
    opposed to the desktop / single-user / standalone Unix' like
    FreeBSD and Linux).

    The default location for named.conf has always been
    /etc and probably should not be changed.

 2) Named binaries are installed under /usr/local/sbin.

    See #1 above.

 3) The named binary under Solaris is "in.named" but the 
    binary is installed as "named".

    Existing named binaries are neither backed-up nor updated.

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