www. CNAME

Balakrishnan_Sellam sbala at satyam.com
Wed Nov 17 05:12:32 UTC 1999

Hi David,

Assume your registered domain is   xxx.com

You are  developing a product  ( yyy )and you are putting in  a different
webserver under 
this registered dns domain

yyy.com.       IN      A       x.x.x.x
www.yyy.com.   IN      CNAME     yyy.com.

Now when you browse ( www.yyy.com <http://www.yyy.com>   ) from remote
system registered domain name will not 
Be visible. 

	From:  david at wmol.com
	Sent:  Tuesday, November 16, 1999 7:42 AM
	To:  comp-protocols-dns-bind at moderators.isc.org
	Subject:  www. CNAME

	HI, here is what I have.

	domain.com	IN 	A	XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
	sub	IN	CNAME	domain.com.

	now, how can i make www.sub.domain.com also work?


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