Getting authoritative replies from a forwarding nameserver

Dan Roberts ddr at
Wed Nov 17 18:50:46 UTC 1999

I'm slowly migrating services from one machine to another, the first being
DNS.  My thought was that until the new machine takes the old one's IP
address, I'd set it up as the primary nameserver then put a forwarding only
server on the old machine.  My plan seems to have backfired though, because
people resolving from the forwarding nameserver now get non-authoritative

Can someone tell me how I can get authoritative responses out of nameserver
A as shown below?  Use as the example domain.. we have NS records
for both nameserver A and its slave, but not nameserver B as no one should
be contacting that server directly.  One thought was to add an NS record for
nameserver B, but that would entail altering over 300 resource files for our
virtual host customers.  I'd like to avoid that if possible.

Outside     NAMESERVER A                 NAMESERVER B
world ====>       =======>
           (forwarding first)           (contains all the master rr's)

Thank you for any assistance you can provide, I'm beating my head against
the wall here.

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